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Inkling in Print: Acadiana Profile Magazine June 04 2015

I'm so thrilled to finally share some great news! Since late March, I've been working with the production staff at Acadiana Profile Magazine to create a wedding invitation suite fit for the perfect southern garden wedding soiree! 


Garden Wedding invitation Acadiana Profile


Since moving to Lafayette in 2010, I've loved flipping through this well-designed magazine and reading up on local businesses and happenings. Side-note: after college I was a graphic designer in the magazine industry. I learned so much during that experience, but subsequently and admittedly, I'm a bit of a magazine snob. I've been known to take a red marker to a poorly designed publication from time to time. But I digress... Acadiana Profile is always chock full of goodness from Cajun Country. From recipes to local entrepreneur stories, and everything in between, it's always a monthly go-to for me.


So you can imagine that I just nearly died when I saw the lovely photo styling and the full page feature. 


Wedding Invitation Garden Suite

{ Photo by: Romero & Romero Photography }


The suite includes a Save the Date, Wedding Invitation, RSVP Card and Monogrammed Stationery for the couple after the big day. 


So if you stumble across a copy of the June/July issue, be sure to pick one up and flip to page 54 to get an eyeful of this Inkling original.



 Wedding Invitation Acadiana Profile Magazine

Procrastinators Christmas Checklist November 19 2014

Let's face it. Every year, about this time, I start to think of all the Holiday To-do's and I vow to get them done early. Fast forward to the week before Christmas and I'm scrambling to finish gift buying, food shopping, wrapping, trimming, planning and Christmas card addressing. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. So this year I thought I'd compile a list of ways to stay on top of the season's schedule, so maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to kick back, relax and enjoy the merriment of the season.


christmas checklist


1) Make your list and check it twice // Seems like a no-brainer. But the sad truth is, if it doesn't get written down on a list it may slip into the abyss of forgotten to-do's somewhere in my tangled tinsel brain! But Making lists doesn't have to be boring. Grab one of these fabulous gold foiled beauties at Target (I may or may not have a small stash of them, just in case, you know). Or pick up this oh so fun Kate Spade Whistle While You Work Tacklebox filled to brim with stationery and organizational goodies. Clip together recipes, receipts and the like or use the bow magnets to post your fave Christmas cards on the fridge. Or, if you are an all-digital kind of note taker, sign up for Evernote. I use it to make notes when I'm at my computer and I can edit and update those notes while I'm out and about on my iPhone or iPad. 


2) Shop til you drop // So many gifts, so little time. Somewhere in the many lists is a gifts list. Truly I should keep this list year round because wouldn't you know that I think of THE. PERFECT. GIFT. for so-and-so in July, and come December, I cannot think of anything to get them to save my life. I try to buy local as much as possible, but the ease and convenience of internet shopping make for a good back up plan. However, the trick is to get out and shop early, get those gifts wrapped and under the tree so I'm not spending those last precious days covered in bows and scotch tape.


3) Order and mail Christmas cards early // It's sad but true, the cobbler's kids have gone without shoes many years. You would think my very own Christmas Card would be done and in the mail as soon as the Thanksgiving Turkey was cleared from the table. But alas, my dirty little secret: More years than not, I haven't even sent out my own Christmas Cards. There was even that year that I had them design and printed and they never got mailed. Shameful, I know. I'm just so happy to make sure that my clients have their cards in plenty of time for Christmas delivery that my very own fall by the wayside. So let me go ahead and put that on the list... and finally, 


4) Don't get your tinsel in a tangle! // Remember to enjoy the season for what it is. A joyous, wondrous time to celebrate with friends and family. It's a time to remember Christmases past and make new memories. Stop and smell the gingerbread and remember what's important during this busy, bustling time of year. 

The Funny Thing About Being Busy November 05 2014

I don't like to glorify busy. But...

Not far into this crazy adventure of owning my own business I found myself putting "busy" on a pedestal. It meant I was legit. It meant I had business to tend to and no longer had time to sit around and eat grapes all day. Although it didn't mean that I had "made it," but it meant I was on my way. Busy was validation.


Print by  //  Shop it here


Then something funny... but not so funny... happened. I realized people were afraid to send me business because I was "too busy!"  Which, as you can imagine, is exactly opposite of what I wanted.

So I had to change the way I looked at "busy." I had to change the way I dealt with "busy." I had to alter my vocabulary to only talk about "busy" in a positive way. If you know me, you know this was difficult. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions on my face (well other than my "resting B***h-face," which I can't seem to escape). I'm not good at sugarcoating and I can't come up with fluff on the fly. So when someone asks me how I'm doing (you know, that quick and mindless question we ask everyone all the time, not really expecting the truth) and the truth is that I'm completely swamped. It takes every ounce of self-control for me to smile a believable smile and choke out, "I'm good! ...  Everything is great!" *twitch*twitch*

But the reason I write this post is because something else funny happened... 

When I've got down time, between projects or I'm ahead of the game, I have time to facebook, instagram, blog, plan, photograph, archive, market myself, etc, etc. And that's when people say to me, "Oh, I see you've been so busy!" To which, I smile and nod as I agree, "why yes, things have been moving right along!" 

The reality is, when you don't hear from me on the social media waves, I am buried in work. That's when there is no time for all the promoting and marketing that needs to happen, that's when I don't get to keep you updated about the fun projects that have recently wrapped or are in the works.

Anyway, I say all this as sort of an apology. This is obviously something that I need to work on. I have heard countless talks on time management and allocating time for blogging, posting and marketing. But darn it, I'm in business to design awesome invitations, so even if I block off that time to write a post or photograph some recent work, if design needs to be done, it always takes priority. 

But I want to be better. As I set out on this crazy trek of business-owner-ship almost 5 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I've learned through mistakes and hard lessons. I've had amazing help and support. But I'm still learning and evolving. I don't think I'll ever stop doing that. 

So the funny thing is... as soon as you stop saying your busy... and stop glorifying it, the stress of busy kind of melts away. And that's a beautiful thing.

The Best Kept Non-Secret October 22 2014 1 Comment

It's been a while in the making, and it hasn't been that big of a secret, but here it is folks! Take a look around... notice anything different? 

 Inkling Design Studio New Website


If you are reading this you have already stumbled upon Inkling Design Studio's latest project! It's a shiny new website with a few more bells and whistles and best of all, an online shop!


After attending Stationery Academy this past July, I decided that I needed an eCommerce platform other than Etsy. Since then, we've been researching, developing, designing, tweaking and now, finally, LAUNCHING! It feels great to have everything I need in one place. My website, my blog and my shop, consolidated into one hub. 


Of course, these things are always a work in progress, so be sure to check in occasionally as we add new stuff. Coming soon are galleries, links to the bridal packet and eventware offerings and most exciting of all, a NEWSLETTER!


For so long I've been wanting to keep in touch and reach out to my clients to let them know about new products and designs, and now keeping in touch with Inkling is going to be a piece of cake! Be sure to sign yourself up so you don't miss out! Pinky promise I won't clog your inbox with unwanted mail! Only the most important offers, updates and news from yours truly!

Get a little Inkling in your Inbox

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2014 Goals // Get Published.... Check! October 15 2014

Yay! Wahoo! Yipeee!!! We did it! Inkling Design Studio is officially published!

The proof is on the pages! Published in Stationery Trends Magazine!

While away on (the most awesome ever) vacation last week, I got a message via Facebook from a sweet stationery friend congratulating me! At first, I didn't know what on earth her congrats were for (after all, I was in the middle of the Vermont mountains...

Stationery Academy Chicago Recap August 15 2014

Stationery Academy Chicago

It's been a couple of weeks since I returned from the Windy City and man, Chicago is AWESOME! If you haven't had the chance to travel there, make plans NOW! It's got the hustle and bustle of my beloved NYC, but it's CLEAN... and the people there are so nice. There are parks and green-space galore, and shopping to DIE for! We also got into the city at the same time as a...

Finally! Vacation Time! August 04 2014

Yay! Yipee! Wahoo! I just can't believe it's already August. This summer has truly been a whirlwind. I am beyond excited and blessed to be ending my summer with my toes in the sand (and you better believe, a drink in my hand). FINALLY! A vacation!

"But you just got back from Chicago... and you went to New York" you may say. Let me explain...

I had a great time attending NSS in New York earlier this...

Wedding Wisdom // When do I mail my wedding invitations? July 30 2014

When do I mail my wedding invitations?

Planning a wedding is a game of dates. Get yourself a sturdy calendar, brides... you're going to need it! 

The first question that always gets asked when I sit down with a bride is, "when do I mail out my invitations?" The answer is 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Know your guest list!

If you have a lot of out of town guests, you'll want to give them as...

Going Back to Stationery Academy July 21 2014

Stationery Academy or Bust... Round 2!

Ladies and gents... ok, I know, the only "gent" who reads this is the hubs. Thanks hon!

Anywho, so you may have seen me mention somewhere on Instagram or Facebook that I'm going for round 2 of Stationery Academy! This time our adventures take us to Chicago, the Windy City. Luckily, I believe we'll be indoors for most of the time so I'll leave my head wrap, a la...

Wedding Wisdom: The Golden Rule July 16 2014

Wedding Etiquette Demystified

Planning a wedding is stressful stuff! There are so many options and decisions to be made it's enough to make a person loose their marbles.

Brides, pour a glass of bubbly... it's gonna be ok!

In today's world, etiquette has morphed and adjusted to fit the lifestyles of the modern bride and family. There is no need to adhere to stuffy rules if you and your people (you...

A Bridal Luncheon: It's all in the Details July 11 2014

It All Starts with the Invitation

I can't get over the gorgeousness! Blush and gold, oh my!

Let me start by saying this project had been in the works since February. My friend, and wedding planner extraordinaire, Cassie Thibeaux of Southern Fetecame to me needing something very unique for a special event she was planning. It was a bridal luncheon and she wanted to be sure that not a detail was...

National Stationery Show // An Inkling Adventure July 07 2014

Christmas Already?

Is anyone else looking at their calendar in shock that it's already July? This year is flying by and before you know it, we'll be scheduling holiday family photos and ordering Christmas Cards!

But let's back up for a minute...

Pinch me! I'm attending the National Stationery Show!

National Stationery Show Recap

A couple months ago Inkling went to the Big Apple to walk the floor of the...

Happy 4th of July! July 04 2014

Independence day is already here and summer is in full swing! So light a sparkler and pour yourself a cocktail! Here's to hoping your holiday weekend is filled with juicy hot dogs, fun friends and family, and festive fireworks!

But everyone be safe... keep it between the mayonnaise and the mustard out there!

Now go celebrate Mother 'Merica the best way you know how! Cheers! 

Bridal Packets and Your Weekly Dose of Wedding Wisdom July 02 2014

Silver Platter Service Starts Here!

Silver Platter Service Starts Here!

Kinda cheesy right? That's ok, it's what we do!  For 4 years now, I've been perfecting the process and cultivating the craft, all in an effort to offer the best possible bridal stationery service. I spilled the beans a while back on Instagram, when the bridal packets were HOT off the press. It was just too exciting to keep...

How to Create Color Palettes: Adobe Kuler App April 02 2014

Color palette creator!

If you're lost when it comes to colors, picking them, pairing them or just looking at them, I've got a secret for you! And believe it or not, even creative people need a little help from time to time. The other day while my techy hubs was browsing apps for iPhone he came across this super awesome (free) Adobe app called: Adobe Kuler. ...go download it NOW!

How to Create...

Save the Date or Not? That is the Question! March 31 2014

Save the date… and the time, and the location, etc. etc.

Just last week I was asked to create a Save the Date for wedding shower. Yes, you read correctly, a wedding SHOWER. On this particular Save the Date, my client wanted to include all the information that would normally find itself on the actual invitation for the event. At first I was a bit befuddled as to why she insisted on the redundancy,...

A for Effort: The Chalkboard Project March 20 2014

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if I would be interested in hand lettering a wedding party chalkboard for one of her clients. I agreed, giving the disclaimer that I had never done anything like that and would need to do some research! After a few minutes of googling, it seemed that it would be an easy project and pretty straightforward. Woohoo!

The plan was to design on the computer first. What a...

The Case for a New Phone March 14 2014

This week an unfortunate thing happened. It just took one small slip of the hand and in seconds, things changed…

Poor little old lady!

I believe the universe has a funny way of doing things. I had been rockin' my iPhone 4s since 2011 (as I learned from the AT&T guy) and I was fine with it. I had no desire for the latest and greatest. My OS was up to date so my sweet little old lady of an iPhone...

Cupcakes and Calligraphy: An Inkling Adventure March 12 2014

This past weekend I attended a fabulous workshop called Cupcakes & Calligraphy. It was hosted by the eversolovely Margaret of Proper Prints. She is the amazing Clark Kent of Calligraphy. She serves the world as an attorney by day, and spends her evenings and weekends making it ever so much prettier with her beautiful talents! 

I had been eyeing her classes, Cocktails & Calligraphy, which she...

You Better Work! March 07 2014

We've all heard the saying, "anything worth having is worth working for." In my short 29 years I've accomplished a handful of really great things, some of which, I don't feel like I had to work THAT hard for! (You don't mind me being COMPLETELY honest, do you?)

For the past year, my husband, Blaine, and I have been working our tails off in preparation for our Mardi Gras Ball this past weekend....

Oooh, Aaah, OWL!!! January 21 2014

What a great start to the new year! Although, truth be told, I'm a bit behind on firming up my goals for 2014 and my office is STILL covered with chaos from Christmas, I'm certain that it's going to be a fabulous year! In fact… let's write that down on the 2014 Goals list…

Putting pen to paper is the hardest part… aaaaand, DONE!

Coming up soon, I'll share a smattering of Christmas cards and catch...

Christmas Craziness… To Be Continued! December 18 2013

I hate to start the morning with bad news, but since it seems like we're all struggling with the short Christmas season (myself included, I don't have ONE gift under the tree!), I decided to look ahead to 2014 to see what's in store.

In 2014 there are exactly 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas! That's only ONE MORE DAY than we had this year… only 28 DAYS!

So make your New Years resolution to...

Keep Calm, it's just Christmas! December 12 2013

I feel like Christmas is out of place this year. I keep pointing out that in 2012 we had almost 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There was plenty of time to trim the tree, deck the halls and relish in the joy of the season! This year we barely have 4 weeks to make our list and check it twice. Speeding up the stress and cutting our Christmas cheer short!

The Christmas rush can cause undue...

They love you Radiant Orchid, They really love you! December 05 2013

Last year we had a great time with color of the year, Emerald. She shined, she dazzled, she wowed the crowds with her beautiful green tones! But this year we're in for a treat! Keep your eyes peeled for RADIANT ORCHID, as she wins our hearts over with her beautiful but subtle purple hue.

Look for her on the runway, tastefully accenting home interiors and smartly incorporated in print and web...