2014 Goals // Get Published.... Check! October 15 2014

Yay! Wahoo! Yipeee!!! We did it! Inkling Design Studio is officially published!

The proof is on the pages! Published in Stationery Trends Magazine!

While away on (the most awesome ever) vacation last week, I got a message via Facebook from a sweet stationery friend congratulating me! At first, I didn't know what on earth her congrats were for (after all, I was in the middle of the Vermont mountains soaking up the amazing fall foliage, and eating pizza at that moment). After twisting her arm, she sent a picture of my invitation on a page from Stationery Trends Magazine fall issue. Let me repeat that...

...my invitation on a page from Stationery Trends Magazine!!!

I couldn't believe it. It was a weird mix of emotions at first as I wracked my brain trying to remember the other designs I submitted, and in true Rita fashion, my reaction was understated. Shock and disbelief, I suppose, was the culprit for my lack of excitement at that moment. My husband, who inquired at least once a week since I submitted a handful of designs back in July, "Have you heard from Stationery Trends yet?" He was nearly in tears as we sat there at the table soaking in the news that I had actually been published. 

It takes a little while for things to sink in with me. Almost a year ago, I scribbled out goals for 2014 I and wrote, "get published." Goals are tough for me because I have a hard time visualizing where I'm going without knowing the steps to get there. But I kept hearing that I need to set goals. So I did.

And it worked! 

Of course now, I'm over the moon excited about it, but mostly I'm in awe of how "dreaming big" really pays off. Now I'm eager to think about and set my 2015 goals!