Stationery Academy Chicago Recap August 15 2014

Stationery Academy Chicago

It's been a couple of weeks since I returned from the Windy City and man, Chicago is AWESOME! If you haven't had the chance to travel there, make plans NOW! It's got the hustle and bustle of my beloved NYC, but it's CLEAN... and the people there are so nice. There are parks and green-space galore, and shopping to DIE for! We also got into the city at the same time as a cold front and y'all... it was SO NICE to escape the stifling heat and humidity of south Louisiana for a few days. Lawd, why can't it be fall already?!

Stationery Gold

My first time attending I found myself trying to digest every ounce of Stationery goodness that our amazing speakers and leaders had to offer. It was overwhelming to say the least. There was A LOT of work to be done when I got home.

This time it was more about fine tuning. It was helpful to hear the information a second time and I was able to pick up on things I missed before. It was so rewarding to watch the first time attendees taking it all in. I remembered being in their seats not even a year ago and what it felt like to sip from the fire hose!
It was game-changing. 
No, it was life-changing. 
How can you not be changed after meeting 
such wonderful people  and starting a journey with them? 
How can you not grow and learn from such a amazing experience? 

Another great advantage was the dream team of speakers we had this session. Each speaker brought something different to the table. Each person in a different place in their life, their career. What a panel of pros! 

What I learned at Stationery Academy

A few things that were discussed I knew already in my heart, I just needed to hear them one more time and coming from someone else. Such things as:

// Don't glorify busy. Busy doesn't mean successful. There is a balance. //
// Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD! //
// Calendar & Schedule blocking is key to productivity. //
// Multi-tasking is a MYTH. Be ferociously focused. //

A few things I heard for the first time or phrased in a way that finally resonated with me:

// Trust your creativity! It's not your last best idea! //
// Say YES to showing up & embrace positivity. //
// Break the rules. Find the best way for YOU to get things done! //
// Bust your behind. DREAMS demand HUSTLE & ACTION blesses the DREAM! //
(powerful stuff thanks to Whitney English!)

I had the honor and opportunity to have a one-on-one session with the crazy talented, inspiring and spunky Nicolle Spitulnik. We chatted shop and she helped me figure out some different ways to get things done. You know, all that fun processes and procedures type stuff. I enjoyed getting the focused attention so I could ask my questions without holding up the group. I got some valuable feedback and a good dose of affirmation that I was on the right path! 

Most of all I was thrilled to gain a couple dozen new friends and I'm honored to share their journey in the coming months and years.

Cheers y'all! 

A BIG BIG Thank You to all the amazing women who put their heart and soul into making Stationery Academy happen!

Jennifer  Faught of Something Detailed , who has taken StatAcad to new levels! //   Whitney English , who is the mastermind of this greatness!  //    Natalie Chang  who is an amazing bubbly wealth of knowledge and encouragement. She leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes.   //  Nicolle Spitulnik  of Libby Lane Press who blew me away with her ferociousness toward running a business and living a full life! //   Ashlee Proffitt  whose beautiful spirit and kind soul was so inspiring. She shared her knowledge and experience of overcoming struggles of business ownership. // And finally, spunky and silly Lindsey McClennahan of L. Lenae Photography who documented the moments and the memories beautifully!