Going Back to Stationery Academy July 21 2014

Stationery Academy or Bust... Round 2!

Ladies and gents... ok, I know, the only "gent" who reads this is the hubs. Thanks hon!

Anywho, so you may have seen me mention somewhere on Instagram or Facebook that I'm going for round 2 of Stationery Academy! This time our adventures take us to Chicago, the Windy City. Luckily, I believe we'll be indoors for most of the time so I'll leave my head wrap, a la Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O, at home.

I'm excited to try a new city on for size, having never been to Chicago, it's such a treat to visit a new city with a mission and a purpose. Hopefully our early arrival and late departure will give the aforementioned hubs and I time to wander around the city for a bit before diving into Stationery Gold!

We leave at the crack of dawn on Wednesday. Everyone say a prayer that our Almighty God as well as Saint Michael and all respective travel gods are in good spirits that day. My nerves are not quite settled from the NYC > BTR debacle in May.

I'm so looking forward to seeing the friendly and familiar faces from last Stationery Academy in Dallas! I'm also very excited about meeting a whole slew of new friends and Stationery Sisters and soak in all the creative goodness that will be floating in the air.

But most importantly I'm ready to attend StatAcad as an alum and pick up on some very important points that I may have missed before. Although the material will be slightly different, I know there will be so much that I totally missed last year while I was, as Jennifer Faught put it, drinking from a fire hose.

So stay tuned in on all my social media channels for pictures and documentation of the trip, the city, the amazing swag, and my new friends. It's going to be fun y'all! :D

To see my post from last time, head over to the Stationery Academy website here and click my link!