Wedding Wisdom: The Golden Rule July 16 2014

Wedding Etiquette Demystified

Planning a wedding is stressful stuff! There are so many options and decisions to be made it's enough to make a person loose their marbles.

Brides, pour a glass of bubbly... it's gonna be ok!

In today's world, etiquette has morphed and adjusted to fit the lifestyles of the modern bride and family. There is no need to adhere to stuffy rules if you and your people (you know, your PEOPLE... your closest friends and dearest family that will be in the seats cheering on as you say "I Do!") aren't the stuffy type.

Etiquette enthusiasts, let me settle your nerves. 

I am NOT saying that etiquette and tradition are to be tossed into the wind. These long standing "rules and guidelines" of proper behavior code are to be respected and referenced all throughout your planning journey. And some are non-negotiables, such as:

"Nowhere on or in your official wedding invitation suite 
(enclosures and envelopes included) 
should you make mention of your registry info."  

However, there are more flexible ways to look at other long-standing traditions and rules.

A good way to avoid confusion and anxiety along the way is to decide early on in your planning journey what type of event you want your wedding celebration to be.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is established etiquette and formality important to you?
Is your style modern and casual? Or traditional and conservative?

Making these observations and knowing how you feel before all your channels get crossed with options and opinions will create a clearer path and make decisions a little easier.

It's like Shakespeare said,

"To thine own self be true"

But if you have questions along the way, that's what we're here for! Wedding professionals such as planners and stationers are your friend in the journey. We see ALL KINDS of scenarios and situations in our daily business. And we see these decisions come to fruition, good, bad or ugly. We're here to guide you when the answer isn't clear. Don't hesitate to ask!

And of course, check back here, every other Wednesday for more Wedding Wisdom.