How to Create Color Palettes: Adobe Kuler App April 02 2014

Color palette creator!

If you're lost when it comes to colors, picking them, pairing them or just looking at them, I've got a secret for you! And believe it or not, even creative people need a little help from time to time. The other day while my techy hubs was browsing apps for iPhone he came across this super awesome (free) Adobe app called: Adobe Kuler. ...go download it NOW!

How to Create Amazing Color Palettes! 

Basically, you point your iPhone camera at something (anything! a flower, a decorative pillow, a patch of grass... ANYTHING!) and BOOM, magic happens. The app creates color palettes for you! No more worrying if your colors clash or fretting over the perfect color combo. Kuler takes all the guess work out of creating color palettes using the classic color wheel rules!

Point, shoot, save! Here, my Lilly Pulitzer tumbler
makes for a lovely color combo. I'll call it, Spring Blossom!

Adobe Kuler is online too!

While googling the app, I found a convenient web version for when you're at the computer. Visit the Adobe Kuler Page here. Both versions give you ample flexibility to adjust the colors or create your own color palette from scratch.

So next time you need some inspiration, a snazzy color palette for a project, a wedding, re-painting a room, or you just need a little color in your day, click over to your Adobe Kuler App and get to color scheming!