Save the Date or Not? That is the Question! March 31 2014

Save the date… and the time, and the location, etc. etc.

Just last week I was asked to create a Save the Date for wedding shower. Yes, you read correctly, a wedding SHOWER. On this particular Save the Date, my client wanted to include all the information that would normally find itself on the actual invitation for the event. At first I was a bit befuddled as to why she insisted on the redundancy, as she is planning to send out invitations as well. She explained that many of the guests are from out of town, and that sooner would be better for them to get all the details and would make it more likely that they would be able to attend the event, and that it was simply too soon to send out an invitation.

Given her explanation, I found myself at a loss for justifying a typical format for the Save the Date. So as she wished, I created a VERY informative Save the Date!

Save the Date
Save the Date with ALL the details!

 But this whole thing got me thinking…

What is proper for Save the Dates?

When you're planning a wedding, typically Save the Dates are reserved for the big day and are sent out 6 to 8 months before the wedding date. They should have the same look and feel as the actual wedding invitation suite and be an amuse-bouche of all the great things to come surrounding the festivities and the actual wedding. 

But who's to say that you can't send a Save the Date for any other event you are hosting? Not that you have to be redundant in providing details, but simply the date and what the event is. The premise of it, after all, is that you want your guests to mark the day down well in advance so as not to miss your well planned fete! 

Custom design is wonderful that way!

Now I'm not suggesting that we all get crazy and send out Save the Dates AND invitations for even the smallest of showers or parties. I DO think there is a line to be drawn. But I have to give credit to this particular customer for making me think outside the box on what can and can't be done!

And as I told her, that's the great thing about custom invitations, you can do whatever you want! The world is your pretty little paper oyster!

Have you ever sent out a Save the Date for something other than a wedding? What are some creative ways to ask your guests to save the date?