The Case for a New Phone March 14 2014

This week an unfortunate thing happened. It just took one small slip of the hand and in seconds, things changed…

Poor little old lady!

I believe the universe has a funny way of doing things. I had been rockin' my iPhone 4s since 2011 (as I learned from the AT&T guy) and I was fine with it. I had no desire for the latest and greatest. My OS was up to date so my sweet little old lady of an iPhone could still hang with the young kids. However, in the past week or so, I had entertained possibly getting a new iPhone sooner or later. I even said it out-loud to my husband the other day. …I think that's what did me in.

I have a terrible tendency to drop my phone, and up until now I've been fortunate. Every time she tumbled to the ground I would cross my fingers that she was ok, and each time, she was. But this time, as I looked down on the concrete, my iPhone stared up at me with her little shattered screen and said, "UNCLE!"

I think she knew that I was plotting to replace her with a skinnier, shinier, faster version of herself, and thus, threw in the towel!

Ah, but such is life, isn't it? Fortunately I was due an upgrade and the friendly people at the AT&T were happy to help me replace the old lady.

But now I'm frantic! I have this super-light, super-skinny new phone on my hands and NO CASE! I feel like I'm walking a tight-rope with no net! Sky-diving with no parachute! It's terrifying I tell you!

After looking around at the options I'm also screaming, "UNCLE!" It's full on analysis-paralysis meets looking-for-the-perfect-case gridlock!

None the less, I have managed to narrow it down a bit and even though some of these don't meet my functionality needs, I LOVE their look!

1. Tory Burch, Robinson Printed Hardshell, $60  |  2. Tory Burch, Jenny Silicone Case, $45  |  3. Kate Spade, Café Scene, $40  |  4. Kate Spade, Stud Bow, $35  |  5. Kate Spade, Le Pavillion, $40  |  6. Lilly Pulitzer, First Impression Hardcase, $28  |  7. Kate Spade, Deborah Dot, $35  |  8. Kate Spade, Scallop Pocket Softcase, $35  |  9. MochiThings, Pocket iPhone 5 Case, $24.95

Hopefully I'll be able to make a decision in very short order. Until then, the new phone is staying safely tucked in my purse pocket while I'm out and about!

Do you love your smartphone case? Let me know which one you have and why you love it!