Keep Calm, it's just Christmas! December 12 2013

I feel like Christmas is out of place this year. I keep pointing out that in 2012 we had almost 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There was plenty of time to trim the tree, deck the halls and relish in the joy of the season! This year we barely have 4 weeks to make our list and check it twice. Speeding up the stress and cutting our Christmas cheer short!

The Christmas rush can cause undue anxiety and send us in a spiral faster than you can say Kris Kringle. I recently doodled my feelings (you should try it!) and made this "don't get your tinsel in a tangle" graphic.

As retailers we've been in Christmas mode since October. Creating, crafting and fine tuning all our wonderful wares to offer our customers during the Christmas season! We knew that there would be no time to waste once the Thanksgiving turkey was carved and the last slice of pumpkin pie was devoured. We knew that pictures needed to be shot, designs would need to be decided on, and proofs would need to be approved. So when a few people took to the social media platforms, fussing that we were "rushing the holidays," we knew that there would be a mad dash to get it all done in such a short amount of time!

And mad dash it has been! My friend Stephanie Creekmur (you can meet her here) has seen an amazing success this year! Her shop was already gaining quite a momentum and THEN she got featured in Southern Living, y'all, (See her post about it here) taking her success to the next level over night! 

But it seems that the Christmas spirit has slipped away from some anxious shoppers! Stephanie, like many of us small business owners rely on the various shipping companies to get product to our customers. Since Thanksgiving, mother nature has been having a blast, a wintery-blast, that is! Winter storms have been throwing a big icy wrench into shipping logistics! Stephanie wanted to address the situation and made a post about it here

Like Stephanie said, Christmas is not about the gifts. It will all be just fine if they arrive after Christmas. It's tough to keep it in perspective, but important to remain mindful of what the season is really all about!