Fall, Football and Fresh Starts September 03 2013

Fall and Football

Happy September Y'all! With football season underway and the first day of Fall just a short 19 days away, I am like a kid in a candy shop. I am that annoying friend that can't get enough of pumpkin spice lattes, harvest scented candles and the sight of beautiful Fall foliage (who am I kidding? I live in south Louisiana... we don't get Fall foliage). And I simply can't wait for the first day of Gumbo weather!

Usually, around this time of year, I get a handy football schedule in the mail. Albeit a handy, but tacky football schedule sent out by a local Realtor with his cheesy headshot front and center, still, it serves it's purpose and gets coveted Fridge Front Real-Estate.

But this year I didn't get a schedule. As the first LSU game approached, I realized how much I missed having Realtor Rob stare at me from the fridge and keep me updated on all my teams!

Allow me to introduce the South Louisiana Football Schedule 2013!  

Is it Game Day yet?
 UL Lafayette, LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints!

What's that? YOU need a football schedule too? Head over to my Etsy Shop where it's available for download for $9. BUT since I love fall so much, between now and the first day of Fall (Sept 22), use coupon code LAFOOTBALL and get your schedule 50% off!

Fresh Starts

I have been energized this past week since coming home from Stationery Academy! I have so many things planned for Inkling, I feel like I could explode creative confetti all over the place. I've been working on photographing more recent work and getting current images up on my website. And for the first time ever, I've posted galleries of my work! I've also updated Inkling's Facebook Page and stepped out from behind my logo. I hope you enjoy the fresh look of Inkling!