Stationery Academy! August 29 2013

A strong brand is everything! I've known this in my soul, but I couldn't put it in words, and I was struggling to apply it to my business. Enter Stationery Academy!

I am so grateful to the amazing masterminds behind Stationery Academy (They are the fabulous Whitney English and Natalie Chang)! These ladies, along with some other very knowledgable and equally fabulous industry experts, took great care in presenting what was some extremely valuable information on cultivating a powerful and cohesive brand. We spent 2.5 intensive and fun (intensively fun?) days in Dallas. We stayed at the swanky Hotel Palomar, and the sassiest shop dog around got to tag along! 

Sassy Shopdog, Lucy, living it up at Hotel Palomar.

The festive (and well branded) swag was Oh, so inspirational, as there was another little sussie around every turn! It was definitely easy to stay motivated when taking notes on beautifully designed worksheets, in a fabulously branded binder, as my water sat on the most amazing (and truly absorbent) coaster... I could go on. There was laughter, there were tears. I met a group of ladies that I am SO EXCITED to call my new friends. And y'all, who doesn't love have a few friends from all across the country?!

Now that's good swag/branding!

I learned so much at this workshop that I have been buzzing around my office this week trying to make fabulous happen! But it's a process. And I am ready to commit to the work and dedication it takes to create a brand that I will be crazy, madly in LOVE with, and most importantly, proud of! 

Inkling will be taking a short hiatus from custom work while I get my design/business ducks in a row! Be on the look out for my Christmas Collection slated to debut in October. And of course there will more where that came from!

A BIG thank you to the other FABULOUS speakers from Stationery Academy! Your enthusiasm, expertise and authenticity was truly inspirational and I am so happy to have met each of you!

Rachel Shingleton of Pencil Shavings Studio  ||  Emily McCarthy of Emma J Design
Jennifer Faught of Something Detailed