Today is the Day! August 08 2013

Today is the DAY! Make it count!

Busy is the new normal in the Inkling Design Studio office. And I'm on a mission to cut two very pesky words out of my vocabulary: "stressed" and "busy," one of which I have just used. What do they call it? Imperfect progress? That's me! I feel like I only compound the problem when I use those words (and I've been using them OFTEN). As a sweet friend posted about in her blog recently, "Stress is a Buzzword." We use the term "stressed" to cover for fear. And when I read that, I scoffed, "I'm not afraid! I'm stressed! I have too much on my plate!" But then I started to think about it... and usually a little soul searching reveals that what you are denying, is in fact, what's true!

Right now, Inkling and I are in a weird place. Having just celebrated Inkling's 3rd birthday, I've been reflecting back on the past 3 years. I'm trying to figure out what has worked, and what has not worked. I'm also trying to look to the future to see where I want to go with Inkling. It's a scary and raw process. But everything works out for a reason, and right now we're anxiously and excitedly awaiting to attend Stationery Academy in late August. Where I have great expectations that personal and professional growth will happen! But first and foremost, I am excited about being around other women who are in/have been in my shoes. Being around other creative people again is going to be the breath of fresh air I need right at this moment! See what I mean? How was I supposed to know when I signed up for this in February, that it would be just what I needed half a year later?

Fresh flowers help too!
My hubby brought me fresh flowers home
the other day and they've been cheering me along
my imperfect journey this week!

The never ending search for the PERFECT planner/organization tool continues! I finally ordered my Whitney English Day Designer a few weeks ago, (eeek! I'm so excited for it to arrive!) and while I'm waiting for it to come in, I had to find another way to organize my projects each day. My mini planner I made a few months ago wasn't cutting it anymore. So I threw a quick page together where I can prioritize each day and make my daily mission and project load more clear. I even added a date line with "TODAY IS THE DAY" underneath to give me a kick in the pants each and every morning. After almost a week using the daily format, I feel like it helps me better focus every morning and I'm finding that I'm able to check things off my list. Starting each day with a clearer path creates a much more relaxed feeling when things get hairy.

So since "TODAY IS THE DAY!" go out there and make it count. I know I'm trying to!