Pre-Mardi Gras Madness! January 11 2012

For those who are involved in Mardi Gras Krewes, Mardi Gras is a year round event! This year I was fortunate enough to be asked to design both the King's Party invitation and the Queens Party invitation for our Krewe... Krewe of Triton! I was also so pleased when a member of Xanadu (Lafayette's women's Krewe) contacted me to design their Twelfth Night Party Invitation!

This year, Queen Triton the XXXIII, Michelle DesOrmeaux Merrill hosted a Creepy Queen's Party. Since she and her husband throw a halloween party each year, she decided to merge the two parties and host a costume party for the Krewe! She also had me design Koozies (my favorite) for the event! (pics of koozies to come soon!)

King Triton XXXIII, Mr. Stephen Venetis, hosted a wonderful King's Party at the beginning of the holiday season at Nash's Restaurant. His invitation was more traditional and Mardi Gras themed featuring a fleur de lis and crown. His colors this year are silver and royal purple, as you can see on the invite. I also designed a Koozie for the event which I will post about later! 

Finally, I was thrilled when Ms. Dianne Carlisle contacted me to help her with Xanadu's Twelfth Night Party invitations! This year their theme is Jewels of the world, and Ms. Dianne had a vision to showcase all the jewels and their geographic locations on the invite. I took her idea and designed the invite around it! 

I received SO many compliments on all three of these invitations! I hope you enjoy!