Fabric Finds Friday! August 05 2011

Happy Friday everyone! I know everyone is itching for 5 o'clock to get the weekend started... So I figured I'd give you some pretty pictures to stare at mindlessly.

Even when I am feeling a little hazy I like to search for things to get my wheels turning. Inspiration shows up in the most unexpected places. I love finding a pattern, shape, color combination or a picture that gives me an idea for a project or design. I also love idea boards, mood boards, swatches and messes of color, pictures and textures. I recently found these fabrics that were rich with a variety of everything I love. I snapped a TON of pics and then edited them all in photoshop so I could use them later for inspiration or even a background for something. Here are a few of my favorites...

I also like to name them...

Charcoal Stripes and Dr. Seuss's Shag Rug

Salsa Flower and Orange Burst

Hope you enjoy! Happy Weekend Everyone!