Knock Knock Nifty! February 23 2011

I usually only post about work I've done. But today I think I'll make an exception. I was recently in Pier One when I stumbled upon this notepad that I could not live without. Those who know me will not be surprised since I can rarely control myself from purchasing unnecessary paper products such as notepads, notebooks, pretty note paper, sticky notes and the like. This notepad has a purpose, however (in addition to doubling as a mousepad).

This weekly notepad has ample space for jotting daily to do lists, notes and reminders. Take a closer look though, and you'll see that this seemingly cheery and harmless notepad is packed with surprises! First, I love the "hopes for the week" checkboxes, where you can mark how optimistic you're feeling at the beginning of the week. Have a case of the Mondays? Go ahead and check the "low" box. Don't worry, you can always go back and change it. Next to that box you can follow up at the end of the week with an evaluation of how the week actually turned out. Another feature that I really enjoy is the mini-pep-talk at the bottom of each day. I like having a daily affirmation that, yes, Friday will eventually be here! Finally, in case you're feeling especially sour, there is a "snowball in Hell" section for you to jot out your frustrations... All in all, I find this notepad to be like a mini daily therapy session to keep your days on track. Yes my friends, I have finally found it: a notepad that will change my life :)