Custom Christmas Cards February 09 2011

It's been a busy few months for Inkling. So I have a few things I need to catch everyone up on. I'll start with Christmas. I was truly honored to design Christmas cards for a few friends. I was so pleased with the end result of all of them. Each one was unique to each couple and 100% custom. You can't beat that!

The Romano's
The first request for a Christmas card design was from a sorority sister who was excited about her first Christmas with her husband. She and Rick are HUGE Saints fans! Bronwyn had the idea to do a traditional Christmas card, but to change everything from "red and green" to "black and gold" (WHO DAT!). I was so excited to take that idea and run with it. I came up with the Saints sneaux man, who would be wearing black and gold and hold a second line umbrella. 

The Adamses
My good friend Kristen wanted me to design her Christmas cards as well. This was her and Chris' first Christmas with their sweet puppy Deuce. They enlisted Kristen's brother, Brad, to come take pictures for their card. As it goes with animals (and children) Deuce would not sit still to have his picture made. Kristen wanted a good portrait in front of the fireplace with the stockings in the background. Deuce wouldn't have it and most of the pictures ended up being bloopers. Chris has the idea to show a sequence of two bloopers and the final "good" picture. I thought that was a great idea. The rest of the card is simple, and I think it came out so cute. 

The Carmichael's

Meg and Andrew didn't quite come to me to design their card, I went to them. I had a funny idea for their first Christmas card (as it was also their first Christmas as a married couple). We were in a bit of a time crunch though so I asked her to go ahead and buy some envelopes. She and Andrew picked out some beautiful envelopes and sent me a picture of what they looked like. 

When they sent me the picture I had to go back to the drawing board... Although beautiful, the envelopes would not work well with the idea I had in mind for the card. Starting with such a pretty envelope I developed the card to coordinate with it. Meg was shocked that I was able to make it match so nicely. I was happy with the outcome and I think they were too!

The Goodrichs
When it came time to design my own Christmas card I realized Blaine and I had not taken a "family" photo in a while. So in an effort to improvise I thought I'd take a more whimsical approach to our card. I thought it was fun and I hope people got a giggle when they opened this piece of mail!

All in all I was pleased with the cards I designed this year. I look forward to doing more next year and hope to have an opportunity to design a lot more! Be sure to keep Inkling in mind when you choose your Christmas cards in 2011!!