In Enemy Territory! September 17 2010

Being a LSU Tiger in a city other than Baton Rouge is TOUGH! I know this because having recently moved to Lafayette, only miles from good ole BR, we tigers are not always welcomed! With the local team being the UL Cajuns, there are only a handful of true tiger fans here.

Someone else who knows this well is my dearest friend Meg P. Carmichael. She lives in Sarasota, FL and her husband is *GASP* a true Florida fan! So, as we are well into football season 2010 (thank God!) Meg and I both will inevitably find ourselves in enemy territory, biting the bullet, and wearing the other teams' colors. (Only, in an attempt to have our own lives spared).

So, being the tiger fan that I am, unwilling to let people believe I am actually "one of them" (and I'm sure Meg shares my sentiment) I have come up with the perfect remedy; the "I Bleed Purple & Gold" pin! It's the perfect way to fit in to the crowd while maintaining TIGER PRIDE, in a classy way. A lot better than being the only one in the stadium wearing purple and gold, I think!

Of course, if you are one of us, and you need a little tiger on your (other team's) outfit, let me know, and I can make one for you!