Business Card Blues September 02 2010

Every business needs a business card. This is actually the second version of my business card. (if you can count the first one, I didn't even give it to anyone) As a graphic designer, business cards are serious stuff. It is an opportunity to make a first impression on a potential client, business associate, or the like. So, when sketching ideas for cards I always keep that in mind.

On the other hand, I find that business cards are easy way to change or update your look. Therefore, I foresee a very unstable relationship with me and these little cardstock gems. Seeing that I've only been an official business for a month, and this is my second business card design, we might not be seeing one single design sticking around for too long. However, I'm excited about this, as I hope in a year's time or so, we'll be able to look back and reflect on an evolution of Inkling Design's business card timeline.

I'd be thrilled to design a card for you! And just like personalized stationery, everyone needs their own calling card!